Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae – Download PDF Version Here: McNulty CV 9 17

Dr. Stephanie L. McNulty

Franklin and Marshall College

PO Box 3003

Lancaster, PA 17604

August 2015


Ph.D., Political Science, The George Washington University, Washington, DC. 2006.

Master of Arts, Political Science, New York University, New York, NY. 1996.

Bachelor of Arts, Politics, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA. 1991.

Academic Positions

2018-present Associate Professor of Government and Director of Faculty Diversity Initiatives at Franklin & Marshall College Lancaster, PA.

2015-2017. Associate Professor, Franklin & Marshall College, Government Department, Lancaster, PA.

2008-2015 Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College, Government Department, Lancaster, PA.

2007-2008 Adjunct Professor, The George Washington University, Political Science Department, Washington, D.C.

2002, 2007 Adjunct Professor, George Mason University, Political Science Department, Fairfax, VA.

2004, 2017. Affiliated Scholar. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú. Political Science Department, Lima, Peru.

Work in Progress

Democracy from Above? The Unfulfilled Promise of Nationally Mandated Participatory Reforms in the Developing World. Book manuscript.



  1. Voice and Vote: Decentralization and Participation in Post-Fujimori Peru. Stanford: Stanford University Press.
  • Reviewed in Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Latin American Studies, and Perspectives on Politics.

Journal Article

2018. “Peru’s Struggle with the Fujimori Legacy.” Current History 117 (796): 56-61.

2017. “The Fujimori Effect: Political Instability and Paralysis in Peru.” NACLA.

2017. “Perú 2016: Continuity and Change in an Electoral Year.” Revista de Ciencia Política.

  1. Barriers to Participation: Exploring Gender in Peru’s Participatory Budget Process.” Journal of Development Studies.
  1. Mandating Participation: Evaluating Guatemala’s Top Down Participatory Governance System.” Pensamiento Propio 40. Special issue on “Citizen Participation in Latin America.
  1. Participatory Democracy? Exploring Peru’s Efforts to Engage Civil Society in Local Governance.” Latin American Politics and Society 55(3): 69-92.
  1. “Institutions of Participatory Governance: Latin America’s Response to a Failing Party System.” Spazio Filosofico 9. Special Issue on “The Party.”
  1. “An Unlikely Success: Peru’s Top-Down Participatory Budgeting Experience,” Journal of Public Deliberation 8(2), Article 4. Special Issue on “The Spread of Participatory Budgeting Across the Globe.”

Chapters in Edited Volumes

  1. “Participatory Governance.” Co-authored with Brian Wampler. In Robert Scott and Stephen Kosslyn (eds.) Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley and Sons.
  1. “Mandating Participation: Exploring Peru’s National Participatory Budget Law.” In Nelson Dias (ed.) Hope for Democracy: 25 Years of Participatory Budgeting WorldWide. In Loco Association. São Brás de Alportel, Portugal. 203-214.
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  1. “Participación y sociedad civil: Las experiencias con los CCRs y los presupuestos participativos en el Perú.” In Aldo Panfichi (ed.) La Participación Ciudadana en el Perú. Disputas, confluencias y tensiones. Lima, Peru: Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica.
  1. “Decentralization and Participatory Local Governance: A Decision Space Analysis and Application to Peru.” Co-authored with Jennifer and Derrick Brinkerhoff. In Dennis Rondinelli and Shabbir Cheema (eds.) Decentralizing Governance: Devolution, Capacity, and Partnership. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press.
  1. “The Role of NGOs in Latin America’s Development: A Case Study of Peru.” In Farhad Hossain et al (eds.) Learning NGOs and the Dynamics of Development Partnership Dhaka: Coalition for Environment and Development.
  1. “The Role of NGOs in Peru’s Development Process.” In Perú: Beyond the Reforms.  Lima: PromPerú Press.

Conference Report

  1. “Does Participatory Governance Matter? Exploring the Nature and Impact of Participatory Reform.” Co-authored with Brian Wampler. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC.

Book Reviews

  1. Mobilizing Democracy: Globalization and Citizen Protest. By Paul Almeida. Latin American Politics and Society (57)3.
  1. Everyone Counts: Could Participatory Budgeting Change Democracy and Making Democracy Fun: How Game Design can Empower Citizens and Transform Politics by Josh Lerner. Journal of Public Deliberation 11(1).
  1. Decentralization and Popular Democracy: Governance from Below in Bolivia.  By Jean-Paul Faguet. Perspectives on Politics 11(3).
  1. Fujimori’s Coup and the Breakdown of Democracy in Latin America. By Charles Kenney. Latin American Politics and Society 48(3).

Grants and Fellowships

Hewlett Foundation. “The State of the Art of Participatory Budgeting.” With Brian Wampler and Mike Touchton. 2017.

American Association for University Women American Postdoctoral Fellow. 2012-2013. $40,000 to support a one year Junior Faculty Leave for work on a book manuscript titled Democracy from Above?

APSA Small Research Grant. 2012. $2500 for fieldwork in La Paz, Bolivia.

Faculty Hackman and Committee on Grants funding. Franklin & Marshall College.

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Award, Peru. 2004–2005.

Fulbright Scholar, Peru. 2004. Funding for dissertation fieldwork.

Rotary International Fellow, Santiago, Chile. 1992-1993.

Select Conference Presentations

“Evaluating Participatory Decentralization Reforms in the Andes.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico. May 28, 2015.

“Control Social: Old Wine, New Bottle?” Symposium of Bolivanists: “De- decolonization, Indigeneity and De-patriarchalization. A Bolivian Debate.” Pittsburgh, PA. March 27-28, 2015.

“Exploring the Origin and Results of Guatemala’s Corporate Council System.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. Chicago, IL. May 23, 2014.

“Improved Governance? Exploring the Results of Peru’s Participatory Budgeting Process.” American Political Science Association’s Conference. Chicago, IL. August 31, 2013.

La Ley Maldita: The Demise of Popular Participation at the Municipal Level Under Evo Morales.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. Washington, DC. May 31, 2013.

“Peru’s Top-Down Participatory Budgeting Experience.” 2nd International Conference on Participatory Budgeting. Chicago, IL. May 5, 2013.

“Democracy from Above? Testing the Effect of Participatory Decentralization Policies in Developing Countries.” Midwest Political Science Association Conference. Chicago, IL. April 14, 2013. Presenter and Panel Discussant.

“‘Participatory’ Governance? Gender and Participation in Peru’s Local Institutions.” American Political Science Association Conference. September 2012. (Paper presented virtually after conference was canceled due to Hurricane Isaac.)

“Barriers to Participation: Exploring Female Representation in Peru’s Participatory Budgets.” Association for Budgeting and Financial Management Conference, Washington, DC. October 15, 2011.

“Participatory Democracy? Assessing Civil Society’s Participation in Peru’s Subnational Governments.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. Toronto, Canada. October 8, 2010.

“Participation’s Virtuous Cycle: Explaining Variation in Participatory Institutions in Peru” Midwest Political Science Association Conference. Chicago, IL. April 3, 2009.

“Women and Direct Democracy: Assessing Women’s Participation in Institutions Designed to Srengthen Democracy in Latin America.” Central Pennsylvania Consortium Annual Women’s Studies Conference. Gettysburg, PA. March 28, 2009.

“Decentralizing the State and Increasing Civil Society Participation: Insights from the Andes.” Co-authored with Annabelle Conroy. Latin American Studies Association Conference. Montreal, Canada. September 6, 2007.

“Decentralization and Governance: Assessing Civil Society Participation in Six Regions of Peru.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico. March 17, 2006.

“Institutionalizing Civil Society’s Participation through Reforms of the State:

The Case of Peru’s Decentralization.” Instituto de Estudios Peruanos  (IEP) 40th Anniversary Conference. Lima, Peru. July 8, 2004.

“Cada Vez Más Fuerte: The Role of Civil Society in Peru’s Transition from the Fujimori Regime.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. Dallas, TX. March 27, 2003.

“The Role of Women’s Organizations in Post-Conflict Societies.” NGOs in a Global Future Conference. Birmingham, UK. January 12, 1999.

“NGOs, the State and the Private Sector: Exploring Development Partnerships in Peru.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. Chicago, IL. September 24, 1998.

“NGOs in Latin America.” Association for Research on Non-profit Organizations and Voluntary Associations’ (ARNOVA) Conference.  Indianapolis, IN. December 1997.

Invited Presentations

“Hybrid Participatory Governance Models.” Participatory Governance in the 21st Century – Global to Local, Sponsored by Arizona State University’s Center for Law and Global Affairs. Washington, DC. December 13, 2013.

“Governance from Above? Exploring Top-down Participatory Democracy Experiments in Latin America.” Participatory Democracy and the US Public Housing System, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Washington, DC. December 3, 2012.

“Participatory Governance and Decentralization: A Comparative Study in Programs and Outcomes.” Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Washington, DC. May 10, 2011.

“La descentralización en el Perú.” Social Science Research Council’s Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum. New York, NY. November 21, 2011.

“Latin America’s Crisis of Democracy and Quest for Solutions.” World Bank’s Latin American Manager’s Retreat, Washington, DC. May 20, 2008.

“Civil Society Groups and Parties: Supporting Constructive Relationships.” Co-presented with Gwendolyn Bevis at the USAID Democracy Exchange. Washington, D.C. July 23, 2002.

International Development Experience

International Development Consultant. 2004-present.

Senior Development Officer/Senior Program Officer, Academy for Educational Development’s Center for Civil Society and Governance, Washington, DC. 2001-2003, and 2006-2007. Provided evaluation, development, and management services to an international non-profit organization.

Senior Research Analyst, Academy for Educational Development’s USAID Research and Reference Services. Washington, DC, March 1997- August 2000. Researched and evaluated democracy and governance issues for USAID/CDIE and USAID/LAC.

Media Commentaries

“The other side of the border crisis.” Guest on RadioTimes with Marty Moss-Coane. August 7, 2014.

“US helped create crisis along border.” The Philadelphia Inquirer. July 31, 2014.

“In leading women, U.S. lags.” The Philadelphia Inquirer A11, January 4, 2011.

Professional Service

Member, North American Participatory Budgeting Research Board. 2014-present.

Country Expert (Peru and Guatemala) and Lateral Coder (Bolivia, Brazil, Honduras, Ecuador, and Venezuela), V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy Project). 2012-present.

Consultant, Latin America Regional Authority Index, Peru Country Profile. 2012.


Manuscript Reviewer, various outlets. 2008-present.

Member, Feakins Foundation Board of Directors. 2017-present.

Member, Latin American Studies Association. 2001-present.

Member, American Political Science Association. 2003-present.